45 Fresh Typographic Logo Designs with Their User Experience

Typography is the art of arranging fonts to create a design that is legible even if it is abstract in nature. The fonts used in creating these logos are a testament to the brand’s culture and service.

The font can be adapted to form symbols which speak volumes about the innovativeness and creativity of a company. Sometimes these logos are easier to remember than the actual names that they spell out.

Once a customer walks into a shop, he will look for the familiar shape of the logo even without reading out the full name.

Here is a list of 45 of the most innovative typographic logos that are available on the Internet. From these you could come up with ingenious designs of your own.

1) Killed Productions

Killed Productions

This is a unique typographical logo design which has the ‘I” in the name “killed’ lying down like an individual who is deceased.

2) Wrong/right

Wrong right

This is a typographical logo that has parts of the letters blacked out/having a strike through similar to the blackout that is used for secret government documents.

3) Typeface


A fresh typographical logo design that has a face made up of the letter “L” in various positions.

4) Galeria 291

Galeria 291

Galeria is a retro typographical logo that uses numbers and letters that tend to fade intone another having a clear black border.

5) Regional Arts Victoria

Regional Arts Victoria

The typeface used for this logo is squiggly in nature, and ideal for a non-conformative logo.

6) Twins


This is a typographical logo that was made by 2 brothers hence the name “Twins”. It is a great and bold logo.


7) Mnml


MNML is a logo that has one of the letters in reverse typeface. All the letters are in capital letters making it easy to differentiate the reversed typeface.

8) Tic Tok Clocks

Tic Tok Clocks

A great logo idea where the letter “I” of the tic, connects with the Letter “O” of the toc in order to form a pendulum. This gives credence to the name “tic toc” due to the presence of a pendulum such as you would find in a Grandfather clock.

9) Grizzy Bear

Grizzy Bear

The typeface is round and cuddly like you would expect from a teddy bear. The logo also has the image of  cuddly bear to top the text.

10) Top Gold Cider

Top Gold Cider

Complex logo that is made of a similar typeface to that used by Coca-Cola. The typeface is bold and sweeping and is ideal for a company that deals in beverages.

11) Artists United

Artists United

Classic creation where the first letters of the names Artist United merge together to form an image of a pencil. This logo is apt for a company that deals in art work, even if not of the same name.

12) Jet Financial

Jet Financial


This is a logo designed by Alan Peters. It is a solid work of the initials which have been separated by a bolt of lightning.

13) Sticky


Simple logo where the fist letter “I” is converted into the number “1” perhaps to depict the 1 million in the logo.

14) Snap


Innovative logo where the letter A in the name “Snap” has broken off at the top. This gives an image of a broken down building.

15) Edge Board

Edge Board

This is a logo where the typeface is in a vertical position. However, there is a large letter “B” that looks like it has been folded from a board, hence the name. The logo is apt for the company name.

16) Shift


A great typographical logo with the letter “I” looking like the gearshift of a car. It has been joined to the front part of the logo just like the shift is joined to the gearbox of a car.

17) Cityhint


This is the initial design for CityHint and consists of flowing text. The text is similar to what you would find on a neon sign.

18) Upside Down Productions

Upside Down Productions

This is an ingenious logo with the typeface in the upside down positions and yet, in an uncanny manner, still readable. This is a great idea.

19) Noel


An interesting concept in logo design. The letter “E” is made out to be a brush that has just made a number of strokes above the name “NOEL”. The concept can be adapted to any company that deals in painting.

20) Fuel Fitness

Fuel Fitness

A logo in which the name fuel has been spelt out using long fuel hose.

21) Laga


This is a logo that seems to be made from bricks, and is used by a design company. This is an apt use of the typographical elements.

22) Microgreen


A large letter “G’ which is holding a small dot in the middle. The dot is green in color.

23) The Birdsong Trilogy

The Birdsong Trilogy

The letters in this logo are arranged on a musical score making it very apt in the manner that it has been used.

24) Looks of Love

Looks of Love

This is a clever use of the letters with the top curves of the double “O” in the name “Look” flows down to the letter “V” in the word “Love” to for a love heart.

25) Mood


Subtle use of the words to give a feeling of “free-Flow”. Ideal for a logo that is talking about “Moods”.

26) Height


The letter “H” in this logo is turned on its side and changed to form two arrows that show height.

27) Network Expertise

Network Expertise

28) Greatworx


29) Ripple




31) Geky’s Key

Geky’s Key

32) Regeneration


33) ILoveToDraw


34) Officina 405

Officina 405

35) All Things Delicious

All Things Delicious

36) Style


37) Undercover Management

Undercover Management

38) Shabby


39) Filex


40) Tealet – Alt02

Tealet – Alt02

41) Red Eleven

Red Eleven

42) Photocad


43) Gatmo


44) Kiosko


45) The Legend

The Legend


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