iOS 7 User Interface Design & Guidelines

Recently, Apple revealed their iOS 7 platform to a developer’s conference, and a furor immediately came out. Many people did not see any visual improvement, since it visually looked like previous versions, but the inner workings of the platform were astounding. Many have said that in releasing iOS 7, Apple was thinking more about beating the competition rather than pleasing their customers.

iOS 7 Logo


iOS 7 UI

The user interface of this platform was designed with better defenses this time. In 2007 when iOS was released it was copied by almost all Smartphone manufacturers including Android and Samsung. However, with the iOS 7, there are defensive advantages. Apple has placed several patents on some of the features of the platform, but this will not stop them from getting copied; but they will bring about costly litigation against the copiers.

iOS 7

iOS 7 User Interface

The interface is rather simple and clean, and is not cluttered like some from the competition. Jonathan Ive, the person who unveiled the iOS 7 says that true simplicity did not come from clearing up clutter, but in brining order top complexity. Content has been put in translucent layers, allowing the user to have some context, and users can now do many tasks at the same time; they can move seamlessly from the home pages and applications.

iOS 7 Guideline

iOS 7 Guidelines

For those wishing to build applications for use in Apple’s iOS 7, your app will have to embody some of the following guidelines:

  • Deference – The UI should provide understanding and interaction to the user without competing with it.
  • Clarity – All the written content should be legible irrespective of the size of the font.
  • Depth – The application should have content that heightens the users experience such as animations and visual layers.

iOS 7 App Design

All application developers, whether they are building a new application or upgrading an older one to fit with iOS 7, should approach the task the way Apple redesigned the operating system. Developers should strip away the application to the core, and reexamine its core functions.

iOS 7 Design


Using iOS 7 themes, the developers should concentrate on the UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience). Every design decision should be analyzed critically, as to why it should be done in a particular manner as opposed to others. The application has to be focused in terms of content and use. The user content is paramount and should bear the heaviest on any decisions made.

iOS 7 Concept

All applications should use the whole screen of the platform. iOS 7 is concentrating on “flat” features. Designers should do away with insets and frames and let the content flow to the edge of the screen. The flat feel also allows for lighter applications which mean they will work better. Developers should also consider user translucent layers to let users see content beneath the application that they are using.


Developer should use white space so as to embrace clarity of content. Colored backgrounds do not present the text in its clearest from. A white background brings about tranquility and peace to the user, and he or she will not have top strain to read the content.


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